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IDS Interest Form:
Request for Instructional Design Assistance in Creating an Online Course

Submitting this form provides notification to Distance Education: Instructional Design Services (IDS) of your interest in developing an online course. Following submission you will be contacted by the Director of IDS who will meet with you to gather further information and to determine a plan of action.

Note: Ideally we receive this IDS Interest Form at least six months prior to the expected course start date. If it is currently within six months before the term begins, please still submit this interest form and we will meet with you to see how we can be of assistance.

IDS Services


The Distance Education Development Incentive may be available for your role in developing your proposed course. This determination will be made by the Senior Director of Distance Education following your initial interview with IDS. The amount of compensation is, in part, based on number of expected enrollments and whether multiple faculty members are expected to use this online version.

Note: Courses that consist primarily of “e-Packs”, online textbooks, or third-party-produced online content are not eligible for the DE development incentive; however, IDS can still provide guidance and assistance for you in setting up your course.

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